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The Hurricane Series features a Human Machine Interface (HMI) Touch Screen Display that works with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to control the machine functions.  Seamless integration of the HMI display, PLC, and supporting software makes the Hurricane easy to use.  Once the machine is turned on the operator is prompted to log in, run a warm-up cycle and begins pressing shirts.  On the display screen, the shirt count, hourly production rate and target rate are always present, reminding the operator to keep on task. Unipress’ software collects production and machine function data. When the unit is connected to a network the real-time data is available through a mobile device, PC or Mac. All of the data collected can be accessed by designated personnel and converted into various reports:

  • Detailed Production Reports    
  • Maintenance Notes
  • Service Logs
  • Operator History

Two Position Arms

A distinct Hurricane advantage is the adjustable arm height, making it easy to process tapered shirts with deep-cut sleeves.  The Touch Screen Display has an “Arms Down” button that can be depressed while the operator is loading the shirt or when the shirt is in the pressing position.  Regular- classic fit shirt sleeves are finished with the arms in the up position, which is the default position requiring no action by the operator.  The arms are always in the down position while loading. This is five inches lower than previous models making the Hurricane easier and faster to load.  Another benefit of the adjustable arms is at the end of the pressing cycle the cuff clamps release, the arms lower and fully extend away from the shirt, allowing the sleeves to drop down and out of the way before the arms retract for transfer.