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Steiner-Atlantic has been a worldwide leader in the laundry, boiler and dry cleaning industries since 1959. Our mission is to satisfy our customers' needs by providing the highest-quality, most innovative, technologically sound equipment; quality technical support; and the right parts with the fastest delivery, all at extremely competitive prices. We serve companies big and small, domestic and international. Our customers include major resorts, hotels, cruise lines, hospitals, nursing homes, commercial laundries, dry cleaning plants and coin laundries, as well as entrepreneurs desiring to enter these businesses. We are dedicated to being number one in our industry and are totally committed to satisfying all of our customers' needs. Every staff member at Steiner-Atlantic is committed to act with integrity, and we proudly hold ourselves accountable for our performance. Contact us today and let our experience and knowledge work for you.
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Laundry, Boiler, and Dry Cleaning Equipment

That's been our business since 1959. Steiner-Atlantic sells and services more than 100 lines of the best commercial laundry, boiler and dry cleaning systems in the world including MILNOR, CHICAGO, CLEAVER BROOKS, FULTON, ADC, IPSO, CISSELL, HUEBSCH, GREEN JET, UNION, AERO-TECH, UNIPRESS, FORENTA, WHITE, and E-TECH. Today, with more than five decades of specialized experience and services, we're an industry leader -- your TOTAL RESOURCE to satisfy every laundry, boiler or dry cleaning need, no matter how large or small. We design and plan, install and train on premises. We provide the best and the fastest factory-trained service, and our parts department is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. We are competitive, not only in terms of quality and reliability but also in cost effectiveness. We service our installations as successfully as we adhere to our budgets. We have to. We want our clients to come back, and they do. We work for multi-national organizations as well as small companies. All receive the same cost-competitive service. Whether the need is for a large hotel or a small nursing home, we meet our client's needs.


From the inception of a job — whether it be a hotel, hospital, dry cleaning plant, linen supply company or an ocean liner — we provide the specialized input architects, engineers and contractors needed to assure function and form. Our plans take every detail into consideration: floor layout, workload analysis, environmental safety, utility efficiency, equipment bid specification. The end result is a highly functional design that is essential to economy and efficiency in any laundry, boiler or dry cleaning operation, and one that meets building, volume and budget needs.

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