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With patented technology, e.g. the Miele honeycomb drum, these machines guarantee the maximum service life for your valuable laundry, award-winning design and intelligent operation with the Profitronic M freely programmable controls. Innovative technology also means increasingly optimized efficiency. With the development of the WetCare system we have even gone one step further. Wet cleaning of outer garments made of sensitive fibers, synthetic fabrics and high performance fibers, is an essential part of modern textile care, since the majority of all textiles can be wet cleaned nowadays. The original wet cleaning system developed by Miele, WetCare, fulfills all the requirements for outstanding cleaning results, with perfectly cared for fibers and a delightful freshness to the clean textiles. With WetCare, Miele offers a full system of perfect wet-cleaning care comprising washer-extractors, dryers and finishing equipment.