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ADC AD45x2Ri Dryer

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ADC AD45x2Ri Dryer


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Maximum Capacity (dry weight) Per Pocket45 lb20.4 kg
Tumbler Diameter32-3/4″83.2 cm
Tumbler Depth30″76.2 cm
Tumbler Volume Per Pocket14.6 cu ft413.4 L
Tumbler/Drive Motor Per Pocket1/3 hp0.25 kW
Blower/Fan Motor Per Pocket1/2 hp0.37 kW
Door Opening (diameter)27″68.6 cm
Door Sill Height Top Pocket / Bottom Pocket50.4″ / 10.3″128 cm / 26.2 cm
Dryers Per 20’/40′ Container10 / 21
Dryers Per 48’/53′ Truck25 / 28
Gas ModelVoltage Available120-240V2w50/60 Hz
Approximate Net Weight640 lb290 kg
Approximate Shipping Weight700 lb318 kg
Per Pocket60 Hz
50 Hz
525 cfm14.9 cmm
440 cfm12.5 cmm
Heat Input Per Pocket94,000 Btu/hr23,688 kcal/hr
Exhaust Connection (diameter) Per Dryer10″25.4 cm
Inlet Pipe Connection Per Dryer1/2″ M.N.P.T.
1/2″ B.S.P.T. (CE and Australia Only)