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ADC AD50i Dryer

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ADC AD50i Dryer


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Maximum Capacity (dry weight)50 lb22.67 kg
Tumbler Diameter32-3/4″83.18 cm
Tumbler Depth37-1/2″95.25 cm
Tumbler Volume18.3 cu ft518.19 L
Tumbler/Drive Motor1 hp0.75 kW
Blower/Fan Motor*3/4 hp0.56 kW
Cabinet Width34-1/2″87.63 cm
Cabinet Depth49-3/8″125.41 cm
Cabinet Height73-5/8″187.1 cm
Door Opening (diameter)27″68.58 cm
Door Sill Height29-1/8″74 cm
Water Connection3/4″-11.5 NH (North America)
3/4″ B.S.P.T. (Outside North America)
Dryers per 20’/40′ Container10 / 20
Dryers per 48’/53′ Container25 / 28
GasVoltage Available120-480V   1,3ø   2,3   50/60 Hz
Approximate Net Weight655 lb297.10 kg
Approximate Shipping Weight710 lb322.05 kg
50 Hz
60 Hz
810 cfm
850 cfm
22.93 cmm
24.06 cmm
Heat Input125,000 Btu/hr31,500 kcal/hr
Exhaust Connection (diameter)8″20.32 cm
Inlet Pipe Connection1/2” N.P.T. (Male)
1/2″ B.S.P.T. (Female) (CE and Australia Only)
ElectricVoltage Available208-480V   1,3ø   2,3,4w   50/60 Hz
Approximate Net Weight660 lb299.37 kg
Approximate Shipping Weight715 lb324.31 kg
50 Hz
60 Hz
714 cfm
746 cfm
20.21 cmm
21.12 cmm
Exhaust Connection (diameter)8″20.32 cm
Oven SizekWBTUKcal
SteamVoltage Available120-480V   1,3ø   2,3   50/60 Hz
Approximate Net Weight685 lb310.71 kg
Approximate Shipping Weight745 lb337.92 kg
50 Hz
60 Hz
767 cfm
920 cfm
21.71 cmm
26.05 cmm
Steam Consumption (Max)105 lb/hr47.62 kg/hr
Operating Steam Pressure150 psi max10.34 bar
Exhaust Connection (Diameter)8″20.32 cm
Boiler Horsepower (Normal Load)2.7 Bhp
Supply Connection(1) 3/4″ N.P.T. (Male)
Return Connection(1) 3/4″ N.P.T. (Male)