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Chicago Air Chicago Elite XL

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Chicago Air Chicago Elite XL


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AIR CHICAGO laundry folding technology is also available in two extended lengths, XL and XXL. These larger machines accommodate bath blankets and thermal blankets up to 96″ (2200 mm) or 108″ (2700 mm) long and 72″ (1800 mm) wide, with the flexibility to accurately a variety of laundry items such as towels, gowns, and pads.

The use of a larger folding field, specially designed air flow bars, and a more advanced version of the CHI logic system enables Air Chicago XL and XXL to accommodate these larger items without sacrificing folding quality or speed. Hotels and Spas enjoy the flexibility of processing larger blankets and towels while providing quality finished linens to their clientele.

All Air Chicago machines are also now available in Extra Wide (XW) models to accommodate items up to 48” (1200mm) wide, or 96” (2200 mm) wide before prefolding. Air Chicago XL/XXL is also available with the new PC-based color touch screen control we call CHI•Touch.