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Chicago Air Chicago Elite

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Chicago Air Chicago Elite


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AIR CHICAGO ELITE is the newest generation of Chicago’s exclusive Air Induced Response French folder series. It brings increased speed and production enhancements to its proven dependable and precise air pulse folding system—no mechanical switches, metal slides, or punch blades. From towels and blankets to hospital gowns and pillowcases, Air Chicago Elite meets the folding needs of any laundry processing a wide variety of items of all sizes and types.

Operators simply select the type of item being processed and everything else is done automatically by CHI•Touch. Redesigned primary folding deck uses newly enhanced ski width positioning for near-instant width adjustment. Streamlined crossfold section performs one or two crossfolds using positive air pulses through a precision inverter-controlled reversing conveyor for accuracy and repeatability. Stacks are then transferred to the delivery conveyor on the innovative retractable “gentle-touch” transition discharge conveyor—designed for smoother operation and more accurate stacks during transition.