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Chicago Blanket Blaster Series

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Chicago Blanket Blaster Series


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For those who are serious about producing a consistently high volume of neatly folded and stacked blankets, Chicago offers two great choices. The Edge (high speed single input) loading station and Edge Maxx (dual high speed loading stations) cornerless spreader feeder combines with the jam-free technology of the Skyline Blanket folder to provide a fast, efficient, cost effective, and space-saving way to process blankets.

The state-of-the-art heavy-duty first crossfold blade and Chicago’s exclusive fast and robust reversing conveyor crossfolding section efficiently handle a wide variety of blanket thicknesses and weights. Blanket Blaster™ and Maxx Blaster™ feed, fold, and stack linen up to 120” (3050mm) wide, and are perfect choices for processing thermal blankets. Contact the factory to learn more about the availability of wider Blanket Blaster models.