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Chicago Carousell

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Chicago Carousell


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CAROUSELL is a multilane rotary accumulator that automatically receives, counts, and stacks items from high production small piece flatwork finishing lines. The compact and simple design makes it an excellent choice for processing large volumes of napkins, pillowcases, aprons, and similarly sized pieces.

Available up to six lanes, each independently operated lane accumulates/stacks small pieces according to the programmed quantity. Once the quantity is reached, the draping bar automatically advances the stack so an empty bar can receive the next piece without a pause in production. Up to four draping bars, per lane, can be utilized before requiring stack retrieval, allowing a single operator to easily manage all lanes. An optional exclusive moving reject conveyor continuously clears rejected pieces to the side for convenient operator removal.

Flexibility, high productivity, and significant labor savings make the Carousell the ideal choice for laundries requiring an outstanding combination of speed, accuracy, and reliability for their small piece processing.