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Chicago Cascade

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Chicago Cascade


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This unique and rugged free standing, single platform compact unit can be placed directly in front of the finishing line or remotely for a “separated and ready to go” cart transfer. Its multi-step process divides and spreads the hardest work out into stages to assure longer service life and eliminates the need for additional pre-separating devices such as shakers or cake breakers. It automatically separates and unloads extracted, tumbled, or caked work of any size from a wide variety of laundry carts or overhead or lateral conveyor delivery systems and presents easily-handled separated items directly to feeding/ironing/folding operators. Linen can be discharged to a feeding table, cart, or optional Chicago LINEN STREAM conveyor at a choice of either side of the machine.

The alternating dual pick heads have a continuous pick rate exceeding 1600 cycles/hr., providing a significant increase in net pieces separated over other systems, and the exclusive intermediate holding area provides the buffer supply of extra linen that a high speed finishing line requires to run without interruption while a fresh cart or overhead sling of tangled linen is moved into place. This makes the Cascade up to 50% faster than separators of older design, and the ideal companion to Chicago’s EDGE MAXX, KING EDGE, ULTRA MAXX or EDGE cornerless spreader/feeders to form the highest output, most efficient and effortless feeding system available. Cascade can also be used to improve the productivity of any other automated or manual feeding method.

The optional AUTOLOAD integrated sling drop conveyor trough receives tangled wet or conditioned linen batches of any size directly from a tunnel washer or overhead bag and automatically advances them into position under Cascade’s bulk picking head for continuous linen separation.