Chicago Crosstar CT 36

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Chicago Crosstar CT 36


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Our new CROSSTAR CT 36 is the world’s most productive one-piece combination ironing equipment. Its combination feeding / ironing / folding / crossfolding / stacking system, comes in 120” (3050mm) or 136” (3450mm) width to accommodate today’s larger luxury items in limited floorspace. CrosStar offers all the great features of Chicago’s powerful Imperial 36 ironer, with built-in full size Skyline folder/crossfolder with 40” wide first crossfold rolls, 2nd and 3rd crossfold section and optional full size stacker.

CrosStar’s folding system is more versatile because, in addition to a single lane large piece operation, smaller items such as pillowcases can be primary folded using the optional one, two or four lane feature. The optional built-in O.P.L. (One-Person Loading) system is also available for maximum efficiency and flexibility to be operated by one or two persons.

Because our combination ironing machines place several pieces of equipment in a small space, commercial laundry can be finished quickly. On the CrosStar 36, a longer input table feeds heavier pieces with less effort. Hinged access to the first crossfold opening allows for easy maintenance access, and a heavy duty blade performs the first crossfold for dependability and consistency on thick or thin items. These features of our combination ironing equipment make the CrosStar 36 more efficient, so it not only saves you space in your laundry, it also saves you time.