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Chicago Edge Tri-Maxx

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Chicago Edge Tri-Maxx


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EDGE TRI-MAXX, the newest addition to the Edge Maxx CT series, offers a three-station high output model for even greater throughput, as well as individual production tracking by operator. The fewest possible number of internal linen transfers are used for faster cycle times and less moving parts to maintain. This leads to faster speed capability and 70% more storage capacity, allowing even the best operators to have fewer limitations and zero wait time. Comfortable, yet space efficient, lateral separation of the feed targets reduces operator twisting and bending motions. An automatic floor return reject system brings misfed items back to front and center for convenient removal. The Tri-Maxx laundry feeder can also be used with a Cascade linen separator and LinenStream distribution conveyor to further streamline and speed up the finishing process.