Chicago Imperial 1

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Chicago Imperial 1


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IMPERIAL 28 CLASSIC, IMPERIAL 32, IMPERIAL 36, IMPERIAL 48 and IMPERIAL 60 are powerful gas and steam heated single roll ironers, with full 28″ (700 mm), 32″ (800mm), 36″ (900 mm), 48″ (1200 mm) or 60″ (1500mm) diameter rolls offering the largest ironing surfaces available in a flatwork finisher. Each has the flexibility to deliver crisply dried and finished flatwork to the rear (for automatic or manual folding) or back to a front shelf from where feeding operators can hand fold or stack ironed items.

This unique combination of powerful drying and ironing produces a flatwork finisher in a compact footprint. Combined with or without an automatic folder, these five models earn their reputation as the models of choice for many laundries needing 550 to 1,000 pounds (240 to 450 kg) of finished linen per hour.