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Chicago Presstige

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Chicago Presstige


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PRESSTIGE is Chicago’s newest addition to our line of commercial ironers. The Presstige is our latest innovation for medium width items. Featuring a 32” (800mm) diameter ironing roll and a 62” (1550 mm) wide ironing surface with return to front or rear, the Presstige is ideal for ironing 2 or 3 lanes of napkins or pillowcases or one lane of table tops.

The space saving Presstige is also perfect for use in laundries with floor space that is too limited for traditional commercial ironers. The PRESSTIGE can be used either as the primary ironer or as a second ironer for processing small pieces in laundries that have a full width ironer to handle sheets. The Presstige incorporates dual compression rolls for greater linen stretch, extra moisture removal, and finer quality finish.