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Energenics Airflow Optimizer

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Energenics Airflow Optimizer


The key component of this system is a pressure sensing transducer measuring back pressure at the lint filter allowing the dryers to perform at the manufacturer’s airflow spec. The airflow is always balanced. Dryers cycle on/off at different intervals. When a booster fan is installed to assist airflow it needs to be adjusted automatically to match the airflow from the dryers. Energenics measures the actual back pressure utilizing the transducer and sends input to the inverter programmed by Energenics to continually monitor and affect change to booster fan speed maintaining perfect air balance.


Maintains optimal airflow
Fully Automatic Operation after start-up
Controls fan operation


Minimize Drying Time
No user input required
Conserves Energy

Optimizing Unique Venting Challenges

A large upscale resort hotel in Southern California has a large laundry with 8 dryers and 2 ironers in the basement exhausting 30 stories to the roof with a booster fan. The issue was variable airflows with different dryers on/off exacerbated by the abnormal ducting necessary by the layout of the hotel. The result was very inefficient drying and finishing because the resulting system back pressure varied by over 4″ W.C. Installing the Air-Flow optimizer compensated for the constantly changing airflow and presently the back-pressure is now .3″ w.c. By eliminating over/under drying cause by varying airflow they now have very consistent production with very high quality.

A central laundry in Texas was experiencing inordinate transfer holds due to lack of dryer availability. After installing the Air-Flow Optimizer resulting in the elimination of excessive transfer holds the laundry experienced a 33% increase in system productivity. This increase in productivity eliminated the need to utilize one extra day to complete their production requirements. This resulted in savings of over $100,000/yr. operating costs.

A nursing home in the Midwest currently operates with 5 back pressure sensitive dryers. The challenge was their desire to collect lint that bypasses the built-in dryer screens by installing an external lint filter. To avoid excessive back pressure they installed an Air-Flow optimizer to control a booster fan. This system resulted in system backpressure of less than .25″ w.c. Well below the dryers maximum allowable back pressure.

A large laundry with 5 large continuous batch dryers with built-in lint screens required 2-4 hours of labor to maintain and empty lint screens. Having an automated system the customer wanted to fully automate the system with a central self-cleaning lint filter. The lint filter was installed with a booster fan and an Air-Flow Optimizer to compensate for the varying airflows caused by dryers cycling on/off at different times. The result was a system back pressure of .12″ W.C.; well below the dryer manufacturer’s maximum allowable back pressure.