Energenics Kartwashers

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Energenics Kartwashers


Designed to disinfect all popular laundry carts
Adjustable Cycle Times to Meet Production Needs
Processes 1-40 carts/hr.
Disinfects in 30 Seconds or Less with Hypochlorous Acid Generator Option (Quaternary chemicals are 2-10 minutes)
Optional Blower Aids Drying Process
Minimum Water Usage Standard (uses 1-3 gallons/cart)
High Volume Mechanical Wash Option (uses 9 gallons/cart)
Hypochlorous Acid Fogging for Maximum Coverage
Labor Saving
Ease of Use
Minimum Moving Parts
Large Access Doors
Designed for Long Life
Pultruded Fiberglass “I” Beam Base
Fiberglass Grid Floor
Foam Reinforced Double Sided Stainless Steel Shell
All Parts Non-Corrosive Stainless Steel
Load Cart into Washer, Push Start



70W x 87L x 90H: Floor model 95H: Weight: 2540 lbs.
Pit depth: Drain depth 12 inches, support curb 5 ½”. Built-in sump floor mounts plus 5 inches


Power requirements: 30 amp, 480/60/3 with separate dedicated 120V 20A service
5 hp blower motor and 3.0 hp spray pump motor standard
Water: Cold & softened water from laundry, 1/2 inch line, 85 degree F maximum. regulated 35psi line pressure
Air: ¼ inch air-line, 80 psi, less than 5 cubic feet to operate door opening cylinders


Automatic doors & cart ejection
Force air drying assist
Built-in Sump
On-board Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) generator or “old school” quaternary (vendor purchased chemicals) available

Current Models:

Generation 1 & 2 Kartwasher 1995-2006
Generation 3 Kartwasher 2006-2013
Generation 4 Kartwasher 2013-2018
Generation 5 & 6 Kartwasher 2018-Present