Energenics UV-Max

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Energenics UV-Max


The UV-MAX is a rugged mobile surface disinfection unit that uses UV-C light energy to keep surfaces hygienically clean. Avoiding costly chemical usage, it provides consistent repeatable performance in a safe manner. Field experience proves that it saves the customer time, money, and provides peace of mind. The efficacy of your cleaning program and hygienic status of all surfaces throughout the laundry can be quickly verified with an ATP Meter. A hand held meter that gives results in 15 seconds.

One of the UV-MAX’s many uses is to keep linen transport vehicles hygienically clean. Customers using ATP testing verification report that a 53’ truck can be treated in about 10 minutes (once a day) and a 24’ truck in about 2-3 minutes (2-3 times a day). It can be used in a variety of other applications and high traffic areas. This includes but is not limited to clean rooms, soil sort areas, break rooms, bathrooms, etc.

Energenics is the only industrial laundry equipment manufacturer that is organically producing UV technology. The UV-MAX is low maintenance, plugs into a standard outlet, and the UV lamps are shatterproof. This environmentally responsible technology becomes the workhorse of your cleaning program. The UV-MAX can be used to disinfect surfaces in nearly any environment where dangerous microorganisms are a concern.

Laundry-proof rugged design
Consistent disinfection of all surfaces
Eliminates water and chemicals
Reduces labor
Fully portable
Common 120/60/1 voltage
Multiple applications, including linen transport vehicles