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Etech Cart Sort

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E-Tech packs more than forty years of experience into our commercial laundry rail system solutions. We have met and mastered every imaginable challenge in commercial laundry automation. So we think of everything from the optimal footing for your workers to the easiest user experience for your software.The result is innovative, seamless, optimized, integrated, end-to-end rail system solutions that are shaped by our experience and built around your workflow.

This is a manual option for your production needs. Carts made from steel tubing are engineered to securely support ETECH’s premier fabric slings for easy linen sorting. Once loaded, slings can be manually weighed—either by a floor scale and/or a weighing input lift—and input onto the monorail rail system. ETECH’s eVue software has an easy-to-use interface so operators can weigh, identify the sort class, and verify the customer quickly and accurately.