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Etech eRail Dryer Loading System

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E-Tech packs more than forty years of experience into our commercial laundry rail system solutions. We have met and mastered every imaginable challenge in commercial laundry automation. So we think of everything from the optimal footing for your workers to the easiest user experience for your software.The result is innovative, seamless, optimized, integrated, end-to-end rail system solutions that are shaped by our experience and built around your workflow.

Transporting heavy extracted goods is not something to take lightly. When a dryer loading shuttle system doesn’t fit the requirements, an automated eRail dryer loading system can provide many benefits.

Extracted loads from a press or centrifugal extractor can go directly into the sling for single or double batch dryers.
No waiting time for shuttles on the tunnel end or the dryer end.
Slings will be ready for the extracted load when the tunnel is ready.
Loads will be staged at the dryer when the dryer door opens.
Dryers and tunnels don’t have to be in the same vicinity.
Non-conditioned goods can be bypassed directly to clean finishing.
By serving as a buffer between tunnels and dryers, the system gives you more power and flexibility to keep your plant balanced—and keep tunnels and dryers fully utilized.