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Etech eRail Garment Route Holding

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E-Tech packs more than forty years of experience into our commercial laundry rail system solutions. We have met and mastered every imaginable challenge in commercial laundry automation. So we think of everything from the optimal footing for your workers to the easiest user experience for your software.The result is innovative, seamless, optimized, integrated, end-to-end rail system solutions that are shaped by our experience and built around your workflow.

The most innovative automated garment Route-Holding system available, this system was engineered for today’s industrial laundries where the logistics of bulk storage, day routing, delivery scheduling, and load out are everyday procedures.

The eRail System is designed around your production needs and built with ETECH’s industry-leading eRail Monorail system and components. Our super-strong, custom trolleys outperform traditional trolley systems to save your facility years of repair costs. Lifts elevate trolleys vertically to prevent garment crushing that commonly happens with slant lifts.

eVue Laundry Management Software manages all production aspects of the eRail System. Real-time data, logistic planning, course routing, and production controls allow you to optimize your system for maximum efficiency.

The eRail Route-Holding System manages all aspects of garment handling:

Bulk Storage Rails: Trolleys can be automatically routed to pre-determined bulk holding storage lines for later processing.
Day Holding Rails: Trolleys can be automatically routed to day holding rails. Lates, mends or adds as well as out of sequence routes are also considered within the day holding rails.
Load-Out Area: Drivers and operators can use the eVue touch-screen monitor mounted at the dock to call up laundry for loading and delivery.