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Etech eRail Incoming Customer Bag

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E-Tech packs more than forty years of experience into our commercial laundry rail system solutions. We have met and mastered every imaginable challenge in commercial laundry automation. So we think of everything from the optimal footing for your workers to the easiest user experience for your software.The result is innovative, seamless, optimized, integrated, end-to-end rail system solutions that are shaped by our experience and built around your workflow.

Your operation needs a fast, efficient way to get your customers’ bags off the truck, into organized overhead storage, and then down to your sorting/counting tables.

By utilizing ETECH’s eRail Monorail system, our Incoming Customer Bag System provides an optimized course for incoming customer bags—and minimizes time, space, and labor requirements. Its innovative design accommodates your need for high-speed, reliable productivity.

Incoming customer bags can be directly loaded onto the monorail from or near the truck dock. Our exclusive eRail Continuous Flow Elevator provides a continuous, nonslip flow of customer bags between elevations. This allows customer bags to be stored overhead, freeing up valuable floor space.

eVue Laundry Management Software uses advanced technology to customize and optimize your incoming customer bag operation. eVue allows you to separate routes, lots, healthcare loads, and more. The eVue system generates a range of production reports, such as length of time in storage and trolley counts.

By utilizing standard eRail components, thoughtfully custom-engineered to your operation, the eRail Incoming Customer Bag System serves as a hardworking, dependable, low-maintenance solution. Optional features allow you to maximize your incoming customer bag efficiency:

Auto-Debagger: Automatically releases bags from the trolley without operator intervention.
Roller Conveyor Input Stations: Helps operators to elevate bags with minimal effort.