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Forenta Saratoga Conveyor

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Forenta Saratoga Conveyor


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Product Specifications
* Forenta-Saratoga Storage Conveyors now feature Direct Drive Motors with soft-start and stop. Cat drive available for high-rise models.
* Special sizes and configurations available.
* Hangers are adaptable to use numbers or bar codes.
* Conveyors include hand and foot switches for forward and reverse rotation. Auto-Trol Microprocessor available for automatic location of multiple orders.
* Solid steel frame with modular design allows for expansion as required.
* Electro-galvanized steel track, rust free, and die cast aluminum yokes with nylon ball bearing wheels insure smooth and quiet operation.
* Rotating parts use sealed ball bearings which minimize lubrication and lessen the possibility of lubricant leakage.
* Storage conveyors measure 52-inches wide with garments.
* 120-230 volt/50-60 cycle/1 phase, 1.8 amps with single drive, 3.6 amps with dual drives.