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Miele PM 1214 Rotary Iron

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Miele PM 1214 Rotary Iron


Model and design 
DesignLaundry infeed and outfeed to the front
Can be set up again a wall
Outer casingOctoblue
Drum diameter in in.(mm)8 3/8 (210)
Working width in in.(mm)55 1/8 (1,400)
Heater plate materialAluminium
PaddingSupple steel wool
Ironer coverARAMID needle-felt cloth
Suitable for the hotel and catering indu stry
Suitable for retirement and care homes
Suitable for hospitals
Suitable for off-shore use
Suitable for Marine use
Performance data 
Max performance at 25% residual moisture in kg/h28,0
Tested operating hours20,000
Control systemTouch display PM 12
Program settingSetting defined programme parameters
Minimum ironer speed, can be set in ft/min1.5
Maximum ironer speed, can be set in ft/min4.0
Adjustable temperatureContinuous
Standard electrical connection 
Type of heatingElectrical
Electrical connection3 AC 240V 50-60HZ
Electric heater rating in kW7.10
Total connected load in kW7.60
Fuse rating in A30
Possible voltage variant 1 
Electrical connection3 AC 220V 50-60HZ
Electric heater rating in kW6.0
Total connected load in kW6.50
Fuse rating in A30
Possible voltage variant 2 
Electrical connection3 AC 208V 50-60HZ
Electric heater rating in kW5.3
Total connected load in kW5.90
Fuse rating in A30
Dimensions and weight 
External dimensions, net height in inches40 3/4 (1,032)
External dimensions, net width in inches78 (1,979)
External dimensions, net depth in inches25 5/8 (650)
External dimensions, gross height in inches54 1/8 (1,374)
External dimensions, gross width in inches85 1/4 (2,163)
External dimensions, gross depth in inches26 (660)
Net weight in lbs(kg)309 (140)
Gross weight in lbs.342 (155)
Maximum floor loading in p/force1400
Emission levels 
Emissions – sound pressure at workplace<70 dB(A) re 20 µPa
Heat dissipation into the room in btu/h (MJ/h)7,1
Laundry outfeed table with honeycomb str ucture
Finger guard
FlexControl foot switch
Feed-in board
Laundry pick-off bands
Laundry crates
Laundry return feed
Favorites program
Incorrect feed recognition
Air suspension
Pause function
High contact pressure
Heater plate cleaning and waxing indicat or
Plinth (optional)
Option of ironing when seated
Appliance-independent accessories
Connection options 
Payment system (optional)
Peak load cut-out/energy management
Test certificates and symbols 
Complies with Machinery Directive 2006/4 2/EC