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Miele PWM 908 Electric 20lb Washer

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Miele PWM 908 Electric 20lb Washer


Model and design 
DesignFront-loader, stackable
Product linePerformance Plus
FrontStainless steel
Load in lbs (kg)20 (9.0)
Drum volume in cubic feet (l)2.58 (73)
Door opening [Ø] in inches (mm)11 7/8 (300)
Door opening angle in degrees167
Door hingingright
Maintenance-free synchronous motor
Honeycomb drum with perforated rear wall
Suitable for retirement and care homes
Suitable for the hotel and catering indu stry
Suitable for launderettes
Suitable for residential homes and apart ments
Suitable for dry cleaners
Suitable for commercial laundries
Suitable for small businesses
Suitable for universities, nurseries and schools
Suitable for hospitals
Suitable for camp sites
Suitable for sports clubs
Suitable for beauty salons, spas and fit ness centers
Suitable for doctors’ and dentists’ prac tices
Suitable for the petrochemical industry
Suitable for the food-processing industry
Suitable for amusement parks and holiday complexes
Suitable for public/community care facilities
Performance data 
Specific water consumption for cold water connection in gal/lb6.10
Specific energy consumption for cold water connection in kWh/lb0.12
Specific water consumption for hot water connection in l/kg (gallons)5.80
Specific energy consumption for hot water connection in kWh/lb0.06
Water consumption for cold water connection in l55.0
Energy consumption for cold water connection in kWh1.10
Program duration in minutes with cold water connection59
Water consumption for hot water connection in l52.0
Energy consumption for hot water connection in kWh0.57
Program duration in minutes with hot water connection49
Residual moisture with cold rinse in %48
Residual moisture with hot rinse in %45
Spin speed in rpm1,600
g factor704
Tested operating hours30,000
Control systemM Touch Flex
Max. delay start in h96
Countdown indicator
Program sequence indicator
Language can be selected easily at any time
Detergent dispenser drawer3 compartments
Flexible dispensing adapter (optional)
Maximum number of connections for liquid dispenser pumps [number]6
Empty sensor
Standard electrical connection 
Type of heatingElectrical
Electrical connection2~208-240V 60HZ
Heater rating in kW3,80-5,00
Total connected load in kW4,00-5,20
Fuse rating in A30
NEMA plug: Twist Lock L6-30
Water connection/drainage 
Cold water [number]1x 1/2″ hose w/ 3/4″ th. union
Hot water [number]1x 1/2″ hose w/ 3/4″ th. union
Drain pumpDN 22
Dimensions and weight 
External dimensions, net height in inches33 1/2 (850)
External dimensions, net width in inches23 7/8 (605)
External dimensions, net depth in inches28 1/8 (714)
External dimensions, gross height in inches37 1/8 (940)
External dimensions, gross width in inches660
External dimensions, gross depth in inches30 1/4 (768)
Net weight in lbs.(kg)230 (104)
Gross weight in lbs.239 (108)
Maximum floor loading in Mj/h2820
Emission levels 
Emissions – sound pressure at workplace<70 dB(A) re 20 µPa
Heat dissipation into the room in BTU/h1.00
3-dimensional imbalance monitoring
Commercial shock absorber
Hard-wearing stainless-steel flange
Disinfection rinse
Efficient rib technology
Temperature monitoring
Special heater element
Automatic load control
Volumetric flow meter
LED drum lighting, class 1
Communication slot
Adding laundry
Appliance-independent accessories
Efficiency and sustainability 
Recycling rate in %95
Connection options 
Payment system (optional)
Optical interface for service access
Test certificates and symbols 
Splash protection IPX4