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Rema Air Vacuums

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Rema Dri-Vac’s air vacuums are made to last and last! The jet aircraft-type aluminum turbine assemblies can’t rust. Top and bottom castings are quality turned. Impellers are flush welded and precision balanced – no rivets, nothing to create air drag. The 12 gauge steel condenser tanks are specially treated to resist corrosion. What’s more? Special rubber mounts defeat vibration. The result is a trouble free, all around, quality product carrying a one(1) year warranty on the motor, turbine, and condenser tank.

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Model No.No. of Presses ServedMotor H.P.Inlet SizeOutlet SizeOverall HeightOverall LengthOverall Diameter** Packed Weight
RP-11½2″2″31″15″90 LB
RP-21-2¾2″2″33″15″96 LB
RP-32¾2″2″43″15″105 LB
RP-43¾2 ½”2″37″19″130 LB
RP-53-412 ½”2″48″19″155 LB
RP-851 ½3″2″52″19″165 LB
RP-12833″2″ ½53 ½”24″240 LB
RP-161033″2″ ½53 ½”24″245 LB
RP-201233″2″ ½55 ½”24″260 LB
RP-251553″2″ ½59 ½”24″275 LB
RPO-53-413″2″35″44″19″185 LB
RPO-851 ½3″2″35″44″19″185 LB
RPD-402064″3″56″44″24″510 LB
RPD-502564″3″56″44″24″530 LB
*RPE-21¾2″2″43″15″105 LB
*RPE-32¾2 ½2″ ½56″19″145 LB
*RPE-53-413″2″ ½48 ½”19″160 LB
*RPE-84-61 ½3″2″ ½53 ½”19″170 LB
*RPE-12833″2″ ½53 ½”24″240 LB
*RPE-161033″2″ ½53 ½”24″245 LB
*RPE-201453″2″ ½55 ½”24″275 LB
*RPE-302064″3″56″44″24″510 LB
*RPE-4025104″3″56″44″24″530 LB