White Converyors AUS Automated Uniform Storage

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White Converyors AUS Automated Uniform Storage


The world’s leading provider of Automated Uniform Storage and Retrieval Systems now offers a solution for smaller properties with up to 500 team members. Incorporating all of the benefits and reliability of White’s larger systems, the AUS now provides affordable uniform room automation for any size property.

The AUS is for uniforms only. It works with any standard garment hanger to automatically deliver team members’ uniforms.

UL Fire Rated doors and return chutes (see back cover) or sliding Lexan pocket doors (shown) with “hands free” soft close feature are available. The combination of White’s DuoLock 2-way locking mechanism and fixed guards ensures security and prevents access to nearby slots.

The team member scans their ID card or enters their ID number on the keypad (if this option is enabled by management). The conveyor then takes the shortest route (left or right) to deliver their uniform to the retrieval door.

The AUS operates using standard electric service and no compressed air is required. Eliminates the need for counter attendants to dispense and collect uniforms.

Handling clean uniforms is fast and easy. Once daily, uniforms are loaded onto the system. The manual load station is equipped with three modes: standard speed, slow continuous and bi-directional.

By reducing labor costs, the AUS provides fast payback, usually within 12 to 18 months.