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White Converyors Comp-U-Sort Garment Sorting

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White Converyors Comp-U-Sort Garment Sorting


Comp-U-Sort Garment Sorting Technology

White Conveyors Comp-U-Sort™ is the leading edge of garment sorting technology.

Automated Comp-U-Sort Systems were designed to improve productivity by providing a more efficient means of sorting garments on hangers. Common applications include: high volume industrial laundries, institutional laundries, dry cleaners and retail organizations requiring automated sorting.

  • Maximize Labor Efficiency
  • Uses Standard Hangers
  • Comp-U-Sort Flexibility
  • Automation Benefits
  • Compatibility With Existing Facilities and Management Systems
  • System Planning and Site Engineering
  • Fast Installation
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Superb Customer Service
  • American made with prompt support