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White Converyors S-Series OAS

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White Converyors S-Series OAS


S-Series OAS

Save time. Save money. The S-Series OAS Pays for itself in Less than 1 Year! The S Series OAS Automated Order Assembly System is designed to help make your business more competitive and profitable.

White Conveyors’ OAS is the perfect solution to expand your existing business, improve customer service and increase profits. Order Assembly couldn’t be easier.

The OAS significantly reduces your labor costs while greatly increasing productivity. What’s more, order accuracy is optimized, and employee morale is improved as fatigue is eliminated.

And if that were not enough, Savings from reduced labor costs combined with increased productivity typically result in a return on investment in less than one year.

The system can be delivered and operational the same day. As an option, it can be mounted on wheels for mobility or storage. It couldn’t be easier. Isn’t it time to realize remarkable time and money savings?

Easy to Use: clear and easy-to-read color touch screen, plus audible instructions

Increase Productivity while Reducing Labor Costs: capable of assembling over 2000 pieces per shift with one operator

Fast Return on Investment: typical ROI in less than 1 year*

More capacity: standard 5 slots per foot have 50-80% more hanger capacity than competitors, reducing the need to split large orders

Flexible: software customization is available for specialized customer’s requirements

Highly Accurate and Reliable: greatly reduces the chance for human errors

Reliable, Robust and Durable Construction: with average operational lifespan of 25+ years

USA Based manufacturer for over 75 Years : remote diagnostics, setting adjustments and troubleshooting assistance reduces downtime, minimize the need for an on-site service technician