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White Converyors Tote-U-Veyor Curbside Pickup

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White Converyors Tote-U-Veyor Curbside Pickup


Tote-U-Veyor Curbside Pickup Overview

White Conveyors, the world-wide leader of automated garment sorting, storage and retrieval systems, provides Tote-U-Veyor – the most efficient and cost effective way to organize and streamle your customer curbside pickup service.  The Tote-U-Veyor significantly reduces fulfillment time and greatly increasing efficiency so you customers can enjoy exceptional convenience and no-wait service. This space saving system is a perfect solution to organize and implement in-home or business delivery.

Tote-U-Veyor features:

  • Organize customer purchases
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Reduces valuable floor space
  • Speed-up check out – better customer service
  • Confirm the pick up of the correct purchase

White Conveyors’ Tote-U-Veyor Conveyor System is designed to streamline your customer curbside pickup service. The Tote-U-Veyor is a perfect low-contact fulfillment solution for any application that requires items to be collected and stored for pickup or in-home/business delivery. The result is faster access, increased security, improved convenience for customers, and consequently, higher customer satisfaction and sales.

When an order comes in, an associate gathers the ordered items and places them on a vacant bin tote or bag hanger. Printed receipt or other identifier, such as a barcode, can be placed on the bag or box. Items can be easily gathered and prepared for delivery. A two way switch controls the smooth and quiet operation of the conveyor.

The Tote-U-Veyor can be custom designed to fit perfectly your specific space requirements. Standard “modular” sections can be used to create a solution in any length or shape.