White Converyors U-Pick-It Automated Uniform Storage

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White Converyors U-Pick-It Automated Uniform Storage


For properties with 500 to over 20,000 employees, the U-Pick-It Automated Uniform / Locker Bag Storage and Retrieval System eliminates the need for large employee locker rooms. It provides a secure environment for personal belongings and frees up valuable space for more productive use.

The U-Pick-It is available with a UL Fire Rated door and return chute (see back cover) or a fully automatic sliding Lexan pocket door.

Shift changes are now smooth, fast and easy. Team members can quickly retrieve their uniforms and get to work faster. They can be sure that their possessions are stored safely and securely.

The team member scans their ID card or enters their ID number on the touch screen keypad (if this option is enabled by management). The conveyor then takes the shortest route (left or right) to deliver their dedicated position to the retrieval door. Before the door opens, the system securely locks down all nearby slots to prevent unauthorized access.

The U-Pick-It system typically requires just one attendant to reload the system with clean uniforms, usually during off-peak hours. A team member’s slot number is entered into the touch screen control panel at the loading point. The system then brings that dedicated slot to the operator.

Counter attendants are no longer needed to dispense or collect uniforms or locker bags. The system provides a fast Return on Investment, usually within 18 to 24 months.